SIBR Conference Hong Kong

On 29-30 September 2018, lecturers FEB UBL follow the International Conference held in Hong Kong SIBR. Since it was inaugurated in 2008, society Business between Research disciplines (SIBR) have attempted to expand the knowledge and understanding about the real business world researchers from interdisciplinary perspectives. SIBR promote and facilitate interdisciplinary business research by providing international road in which researchers from all disciplines of business and economy can share and discuss their research. Thanks to the support of researchers, members and universities that collaborate, SIBR has succeeded in making himself the center of excellence for interdisciplinary research in business and economics. The Institute organizes workshops, seminars, and international conferences that bring together regular researchers from all disciplines of business and economy to meet and interact. Journal of the Society of integrative Business Review-and-economic research published by GMP Press.

Dr. Andala Rama’s son is being presented his paper

The classic definition of Interdisciplinary comes from Julie t. Klein and William h. Newell as follows: Interdisciplinary Studies can be defined as the process of answering questions, solving problems, or deal with topics that are too broad or complex to be handled adequately by a single discipline or profession. . . . IDS referring to disciplinary perspective and integrate their insights through the development of a more comprehensive perspective (see “advancing Interdisciplinary Studies” in Jerry Gaff & James Ratcliff eds, Handbook of Undergraduate Curriculum. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1997). The interdisciplinary field of business is a field of study that crosses traditional boundaries between business disciplines or schools of thought. The interdisciplinary business studies can range from sharing ideas to the full integration of the disciplines of business, especially the integration of concepts, methodologies, procedures, epistemology, terminology, and their data. Doing business requires interdisciplinary research skills to analyze, synthesize and harmonize the relationship between scientific disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole. The real business world are multi-disciplinary, and often requires an understanding of the diverse disciplines to solve real-world business problems. An interdisciplinary research topic is not determined by its distance from each discipline to contribute, but whether that topic basically multi-faceted or complex. The point is that the various disciplines is not interdisciplinary focus-focus is research topics or questions of intellectual who try to overcome by a variety of disciplines.

Dr. Habiburahman being presented his paper