Yuliana (Coed Prodi accounting) for her achievements as a Talented Champion 1 2018 Lampung Coffee Ambassadors

BANDAR LAMPUNG – election night Lampung Coffee 2018 Ambassador followed 25 finalists who have diverse talents from various regions. Mekhanai Muli appearance that attracted the attention of thousands of visitors Float the 28th Festival of Krakatau in Lampung Elephant Park or Garden Elephant new Pallapa on Thursday (23/8/2018), night.

Student Accounting study Program managed to get his talented ambassadors of Lampung Coffee 2018.

One of the finalists, Ival Sanjaya, who was a student of S-I science of Accounting University of Lampung showing his ability to play the instrument from West Lampung region in the form of gamolan or pekhing cetik.

Meanwhile, another finalist, Sheren Agustina, a representative from Bandar Lampung University also managed to amaze visitors with the agile movement performed Dance Music Betanggai Muli accompanied every movement, described the joy of muli with the beauty of tanggainya.

Different appearance came from the last finalist, Helen Risky Oviyanti. Student of the Institute of Informatics and business Dharmajaya carries Poetry Devotee Land Inheritance which describes about the richness and diversity of the culture of Indonesia.